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Death II by UEY-S

I must say I like this concept very much, and the idea of using both the dark and light petals is quite the nice touch, adding a neat contrast to the photography. also, I don't know if it were planned or not, but having light petals above and dark underneath the text, also gives a nice atmosphere in the shot.

It's a great idea, though, I'd like to suggest you try around with editing it a bit. give it a bigger contrast, make the petals stand out more from the grass. this works, but it could still get better ~

I also happen to like the angle of this one pretty good. it almost looks as if the text bends a bit, and that's a nice tough. Though, all in all, great job on this shot. hope to see more ~
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UEY-S Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012  Professional General Artist
Thank you. Appreciate the critic. The less decayed petals from above and more withered petals at the bottom was accidental at first but followed through intentionally as the project went on. Glad you like the angle too, was battling between a few angles on this one.

Also agreed that it could be made much better if I were to spend some more time editing it. My last project stretched over a year.. just felt so good finishing off a project in one day this time : )

Thank you again
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